• As per the MOI the AGM cannot be an electronic meeting
  • Adhere to curfew in place from 24h00 – 04h00 as per the COVID-19 regulations
  • Venue to be sanitised before the meeting as per the COVID-19 regulations
  • Venue needs to be inspected before the meeting and signed off by the risk officer of
    the CID that it complies with COVID-19 regulations
  • Proxies need to be obtained prior to the meeting to ensure a quorum as per the MOI
  • Members to pre-book their seats failing which they may not be allowed to attend
    depending on the number of attendees allowed and available seats
  • Have a COVID-19 Questionnaire available at the venue. (See example attached)
  • Temperatures to be taken on arrival for record purposes.
  • Not more than 250 attendees or half of the venue capacity whichever is the least.
    (Attendee numbers to include CID Departments staff members)
  • Attendees need to print their own documents as prints will not be available at the
    meeting. Minutes of previous meeting, members list, AFS, etc. to be displayed (prints
    posted on the wall or projected). Not to be handled by attendees.
  • To ensure open and transparency the venue needs to be suitable to have a virtual
    meeting that can be streamed (Wi-Fi, projector, etc. to be supplied by CID NPC). Not
    required if venue allows for full capacity of members to attend.
  • No food and drinks allowed
    ATTENDEES TO ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES (perhaps display a notice
    at the entrance explaining the procedure):
    o All persons must have their hands sanitised on entering the venue
    o All attendees to wear a mask
    o Attendees must adhere to social distancing requirements during the meeting
    and if possible have one open chair between attendees
    o All attendees to bring their own pen for signing of the attendance register
    PLEASE NOTE: The above items may need to be altered should the COVID-19 level

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