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The Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera Project has shown that technology can make a difference. We have grown our base and infrastructure to support our operational and security staff.

The successes achieved to date are evidence as to the importance of this Key Project of the Sea Point City Improvement District.

  • Minor Incidents Reduced 75% 75%
  • Remote Jamming Prrevented 85% 85%
  • Agencies Assisted With Prosecution 87% 87%
  • Successful Cases Resolved 95% 95%

A Safer City

Using the latest technology we strive to make Sea Point a Safer City for all. We have a vast network of active Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera’s operational, with a State of the Art CCTV Operations Room monitoring the camera’s on a 24/7 basis.

Our LPR Camera Network

Currently there are approximate 71 licence plate recognition (LPR) camera and overview cameras covering main exits and entrances of the Atlantic Sea Board.They are already showing massive value and success.Our intelligence gathering, information sharing with SAPS, strategic patrolling and targeted responses have all increased massively due to these cameras.With your support we can do much more…


  • Burglar crews identified via LPR and some arrested on re-entering the area.
  • Positively identifying the vehicles involved in a muggings and some promptly arrested on re-entering the area
  • Chasing hijackers out the area on several occasions
  • Bag snatcher crews arrested.
  • Positively identifying the suspects involved in a bank following and subsequent armed robbery

Support the LPR Project

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Account Holder: Sea Point City Improvement District

Account Number: 62501134803

Branch Code: 201809 (Sea Point)

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