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Safety & Security

Safety & Security forms the cornerstone of the Sea Point CID’s service delivery mandate.

Urban Management

The cleaning teams undertake the mammoth task of providing a clean, attractive urban environment for all to enjoy.

Social Development

We engage with the most vulnerable on a daily basis, and concentrates much of its effort on assisting street people towards the services they need.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing is key to informing the public about new developments, issues and general information as well as promoting Sea Point.

At your service for over 23 Years

The Sea Point City Improvement District (SPCID) was formed in 1998, with the purpose to manage, improve and promote the SPCID area. This mandate is implemented through four Operational Divisions, forming the core of the CID model. These are managed and overseen through the office of the Chief Operations Officer (CEO). In addition, SPCID manages various Campaigns & Projects as well as the Promotion and Marketing of the SPCID and Sea Point.

This all contributes to the success of the SPCID, as well as Sea Point as a City. Making Sea Point a place to Stay, Live, Work, Visit , Shop and much more.

  • Safety & Security
  • Urban Management
  • Social Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Campaigns & Projects


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The Team

The Sea Point CID is managed by an excellent team, consisting of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Precinct Manager and Field Officer, along with the support, dedication and guidance of the...

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Membership to the Sea Point CID is open to all property owners, who are encouraged to apply for membership so that they may exercise their rights to influence...

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