We support various Campaigns & Projects to make Sea Point a better place for all.

How Can You Help

We are working with some amazing organisation that will welcome your donations, be it cash, clothing or food

Give Responsibly

By giving responsibly you can make a difference in transforming someone’s life.  Often your spare change is used to buy alcohol and drugs and does not get used to buy food or a warm bed in a shelter.  By giving to an organisation you can be assured that you spare change will make a difference to someone’s life.

Support a Good Cause

The Haven Night Shelter

Contact: 021 461 7830

Have programs for adults including food, clothing and shelter


St Anne’s Homes

Contact: 021 448 6792

Is a place of safety for abused women and children


The Ark

Contact 021 843 3927

Runs a program of employment and shelter for adults

Saartjie Baartman Centre

Contact: 021 633 5287

A place of safety for abused women and children.


Cape Town Multi Service Centre

Contact: 021 448 3430

Centre for homeless people


Sea Point CID Give Responsibly Campaign

Support the Sea Point CID’s Give Responsibly Campaign by contributing to our campaigns. CLICK HERE


LPR Camera Project


  • Burglar crews identified via LPR and some arrested on re-entering the area.
  • Positively identifying the vehicles involved in a muggings and some promptly arrested on re-entering the area
  • Chasing hijackers out the area on several occasions
  • Bag snatcher crews arrested.
  • Positively identifying the suspects involved in a bank following and subsequent armed robbery

The Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera Project has shown that technology can make a difference. We have grown our base and infrastructure to support our operational and security staff. The successes achieved to date are evidence as to the importance of this Key Project of the Sea Point City Improvement District.

A Safer City

Using the latest technology we strive to make Sea Point a Safer City for all. We have a vast network of active Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera’s operational, with a State of the Art CCTV Operations Room monitoring the camera’s on a 24/7 basis.

LPR  Camera Network

Currently there are approximate 71 licence plate recognition (LPR) camera and overview cameras covering main exits and entrances of the Atlantic Sea Board.They are already showing massive value and success.Our intelligence gathering, information sharing with SAPS, strategic patrolling and targeted responses have all increased massively due to these cameras.With your support we can do much more…

Donate – Support Our LPR  Camera Project

  • Bank:  First National
  • Bank Account Holder: Sea Point City Improvement District
  • Account Number: 62501134803
  • Branch Code: 201809 (Sea Point)
Please send POP to: 



ATM Security

  • Use ATMs in well lit and safe areas.
  • Don’t allow your card to be removed from your sight.
  • Don’t accept help from strangers or give out your pin, not even to persons claiming to be bank officials.
  • Watch out for people standing very close to you and looking over your shoulder as you type in your pin.
  • Never leave your card in the ATM, if stuck, follow instructions provided on the ATM machine.
  • When cancelling an ATM card if it has been stuck please use the numbers on the wall in and around the ATM to cancel the card.
  • Make sure you are not followed after a transaction – After transaction has been completed please remove printed slip as this will give information on the balance in the account.

    Business Safety

    • We encourage businesses to be proactive and implement sound measures to prevent security related issues.
    • Ensure Alarms and PanicButtons are in good working order.
    • Contingency plans are in plays.

    Home Safety

    • Never allow strangers into your house – always confirm their legitimacy
    • Invest and utilize a good overall security system
    • Adequate lighting around the perimeter of your house acts as a good deterrent
    • Trim shrubs around windows and entrances so they cannot conceal intruders
    • When you leave you home at night, leave interior lights one, as well as your television or radio, so that your house looks occupied
    • If living in a complex don’t open entrance/foyer doors to strangers and prevent tailgating
    • Never disclose that you are home alone
    • Always be alert to vehicles or persons following you into your entrance or the garage
    • Educate everyone regarding these safety precautions
    • Don’t leave firearms unattended
    • Keep a list of emergency numbers next to the telephone
    • A list of emergency numbers can be found on our website here

    Restaurant Safety

    • Patrons to please keep all valuables close at hand, never let any of your belongings out of your sight.
    • If any people are acting suspiciously in the restaurant, please report this to the manager and express your concern.
    • When paying for your bill please ask the waitron to bring the swipe machine to your table to complete the transaction, keep all bank cards in sight at all times.
    • When going to use the bathroom please take all valuables with you.
    • Do not leave handbags under tables, on the back of chairs or on restroom hooks.
    • Do not leave cell phones or wallets on restaurant tables

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