Operational Divisions

The Sea Point City Improvement District (SPCID) has four Operational Divisions, forming the core of the CID model. The Chief Operations Officer (CEO) manages and ensures operational efficiencies, not only in these divisions but as well as Campaigns & Projects that the SPCID manages. This all contribute to the success of the SPCID, as well as Sea Point as a City.

Safety & Security

Maintaining Law & Order

Safety & Security forms the cornerstone of the Sea Point CID’s service delivery mandate.We woke reasonably late following the feast and free flowing wine the night before. After gathering ourselves and our packs, we headed down to our homestay family’s small dining room for breakfast.

Working in conjunction with the South African Police Service (SAPS) we maintain law and order for all that pass through the area.

The team suitably trained and qualified public safety officers, employed and managed via our service provider, Securus Security Services. These officers patrol our area, be it on foot, in vehicles or using the latest CCTV technology to monitor and protect the Sea Point CID area. Our operations are ongoing on a 24 / 7 basis and help is always a call away.

In addition to the above, we also employ Law Enforcement Officers, who has powers to attend to moving violations. We bolster our services, by working with the Community Police Forum and other Improvement Districts in our surrounding areas. To improve our exposure, we recently undertook a rebranding exercise with new branding on our vehicles, uniforms and bibs.

Our successes in reducing crime is testimony to the excellent work done by our dedicated teams. Our appeal to all is to be alert, report any suspicious behaviour and together we can make a difference.

Services Rendered

  • Prevent opportunities for crime
  • Maintain order
  • Provide a fleet of high visible mobile patrol vehicles that patrol the area
  • Provide visible foot patrols
  • Provide security awareness campaigns
  • Better integration between all the law enforcement agencies
  • Recruit and maintain high quality security personnel with ongoing training
  • Attend SAPS meetings
  • Co-ordinate crime prevention initiatives
  • Ensure effective enforcement of by-laws
  • Initiate and sustain targeted crime prevention programmes in partnership with other players
  • Ensure effective traffic law enforcement

Urban Management

Keeping It Clean

The cleaning teams undertake the mammoth task of providing a clean, attractive urban environment for all to enjoy.

Our dedicated cleaning team, employed and managed by Essential Cleaning Services provide our Urban Management Services. These work hand in hand with services provided by the City of Cape Town. 

Our Precinct manager walks the area observing issues and problems, to ensure that business owners, retailers, property owners and visitors needs are addressed. In addition, we remove illegal dumping, graffiti, cleaning drains, weeding, spraying and pruning of trees.

Any defects, outages are issues are reported to the relevant City department for action.

Urban Management Services

  • Maintain a clean and well maintained Urban Area
  • Cleaning 7 days a week
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Weeding
  • Cleaning Awareness Campaigns
  • Integrate services with City of Cape Town Cleaning Departments

Social Development

Social Development Services

We engage with the most vulnerable on a daily basis, and concentrates much of its effort on assisting street people towards the services they need.

This is a vital component of any City that strives to be vibrant, resilient, tolerant and inclusive. assistance provides street people towards a path of reunification with their families, channel them towards appropriate rehabilitation or medical care, refer them for a job opportunity or a skills development programme, or even secure them a safe place for the night.

We have a dedicated fieldworker building relationships of trust with those in need. We also work with the Social Developments from the City of Cape Town and NGOs throughout the City.

We assist in uplifting street people through shelter, training, rehabilitation and reunification with family members.

Services Offered

  • Assist the vulnerable on a daily basis
  • Coordinate Relocation and Reunifications
  • Arrange Social Services
  • Manage Service Delivery
  • Coordinate with City of Cape Town Social Departments

Marketing & Communications

Promoting Sea Point

Marketing is the key to informing the public about new developments, issues and general information.

More importantly an area is nothing without an influx of shoppers, tourists and visitors. Marketing ensures that we promote our area, services and highlights to create attractions and desires to visit and spend time there.

Marketing is also about creating an awareness about issues.

Services Rendered

  • Promoting Sea Point
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Newsletters & Communication Campaigns
  • Marketing of Business & Developments
  • Encourage Growth & Investment

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