Sea Point CID enhances Security levels within the CID

The Sea Point CID’s (SPCID) five-year business plan has been approved by the City of Cape Town as per the legal remit for the operation of City Improvement Districts (CID).

Part of that process requires that the provisions for both the Security and Cleaning services are advertised and put out to tender
The SPCID’s main focus is safety and security and allocates around 62% of its budget for such.

The predominately commercial nature of the Sea Point CID means one of its key responsibilities is to ensure that businesses can operate safely.

Fortunately, that has been the norm for many years now. The SPCID also needs to be cognisant of recent criminal issues elsewhere in commercial centres and be able to play its part in helping to keep Sea Point safe into the future.

Using technology to help in crime prevention and follow-up has been core to the SPCID’s practice in recent years. Investment in camera technology has revolutionised how effective the SPCID has become. The Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology along with overview cameras has reduced serious crimes not just in Sea Point but across the Metropole.

The SPCID was instrumental in starting and supporting the system along this part of the Atlantic Seaboard. This system means that criminals think twice before committing a crime and can often be identified before they do or tracked quickly.

The Sea Point LPR network forms part of around 76 networks across the City of Cape Town, all installed by either CIDs and or Neighbourhood Watches.

The SPCID invited service providers to submit tenders for two services: the first being to provide Visible Foot Patrols and the second to provide support from a new service – a tactical response vehicle. Several proposals were received although some did not provide the stringent tender requirements that are necessary to ensure compliance.

Avenue Response Team was awarded the contract for a tactical response vehicle which will be available within the SPCID area between 6 am and 6 pm – the key business trading times. Securus was reappointed with some personnel changes to provide the 24-hour foot patrollers – an essential requirement for all Business CID areas – along with two patrol support vehicles.

As a result, the SPCID will have a complement of 26-foot patrollers allocated to the area who will be deployed as demand requires; two security patrol vehicles along with the tactical response vehicle. In addition, the SPCID employs two dedicated Law Enforcement officers to assist with by-law related offences.

The SPCID also employs a full-time Social Development Field Officer who continues to work tirelessly in addressing homelessness in the area with many successful placements over the last few months.

“The CID is committed to ensuring that businesses, residents and visitors can carry out their business in a safe and clean environment. Times are challenging but the new developments seen across the CID’s area is evident that we are making a difference. Being visible with dedicated foot patrols, support vehicles and proven back-up technology is making a notable difference.

I look forward to working with our partners – new and existing – for the benefit of all who work, live or visit this part of the Atlantic Seaboard.” says Heather Tager, Sea Point CID COO

Jacques Weber, Chairman of the SPCID has welcomed the service providers, one of which is a locally-based and trusted security provider which has operated within the Atlantic Seaboard for many years.

The tactical patrol vehicle will be seen on the road shortly, with two newly branded CID vehicles joining the team in the coming weeks.